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The magic of clay

Pottery - from my hands to yours

I have been making ceramics since 1983 and opened my gallery in 1994. After experimenting with different types of clay, I am now using porcelain. The porcelain has a much smoother consistency and although it’s more difficult to work with, the results are superior. The ceramics are burned at 1250-1260 degrees Celsius, an optimal temperature for achieving the highest quality workmanship. When burned at these high temperatures the porcelain turns transparent and acquires a texture that’s slightly rough and delicate at the same time, wonderful to the touch. Working the porcelain from a shapeless lump to the final product is a fascinating process and infinitely rewarding when it results in a lovely piece of ceramic art.

I design and make everything from mugs to large serving bowls and dishes. I work with many different colours, and sometimes I add gold, silver or glass for a more elegant finish. Visit my beautiful gallery and you’ll find ceramic sculpture, art and wall decorations, candle holders and other wonderful gift items. Purchase a hand made ceramic to take back as a memento of your visit to Svalastog Farm and unforgettable Telemark, Norway. 

My work is also on display at various arts and crafts exhibitions in the area

     Hus og Heim                     Haukelitunet Vest, 3895 Edland

     Atelier Aase                      Vekanvegen 6A, 3840 Seljord

     Galleri Nutheim                Nutheim Gjestgiveri, Flatdalsvegen 1283,

                                                3841 Flatdal

     Silkevippa                         Åmot, 3890 Vinje

     Haukeli Husflidsutsalg    Haukeli, 3895 Edland


Summer exhibitions 2019: 

     Arts and crafts at Mjonøy                           3890 Vinje

     Handverkslåven/ "Arts and crafts barn"   Academy in Rauland, 3864 Rauland

Butterfly Design
Butterfly Design
"Full Moon"
"Blue Bird"
"The Ram"
"The Ram"
"Warm Heart"
Cup for yarn with The Ram design
Wall Decoration
Baptismal Font
Jar for Prayers
Wall Decoration
A glimpse from my workshop
My showroom
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