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Alastair Miller

In the fields around our property, sheep graze in the spring and autumn. They are a special breed called Villsau which has lineage that dates back to Viking times.


These Villsau, with their small, rough and rugged horns still look remarkably like their Viking ancestors. The Villsau lambs have a slower growth rate than the normal variety of sheep. We call it “slow food production.” This gives the meat a distinct and delicious taste, somewhere between the usual lamb and deer. These sheep live the good life, grazing outdoors year around with access to good shelter. Their wool comes in a combination of white, black, grey and brown.


We rear our lambs the natural, organic way which means we don’t treat them with potentially dangerous chemicals. This approach assures you of safer, more flavourful meat. Sheep skin and organic meat are available for sale on our farm.


Bon Apetit

The stunning Norwegian

Viking Sheep

Viking sheep lamb meet                 130 NOK/kg

including cutting and sales tax

whole lambs at approximately 12-18 kg

Viking sheep skin                           1300 NOK

Remember to order well ahead, ready for pick-up in october (or by appointment). 


Contact Gerd Danbolt Svalastog for a chat.            959 22 856

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